What a weekend. Grrr. With ice, snow and bone chilling wind prevailing it was surely a good decision to postpone the Raisin River Canoe Races until Sunday April 22, 2018. Current forecasts for the 22cnd are promising a balmy 13 degrees Celsius with sun. Even the Hydro was off in Martintown and much of the surrounding area on Monday.

The last estimates I’ve heard have the river at a happy medium and this rain and sleet should hold it near current levels.

Hopefully none of the participants, some of which come from afar, are not put off by the postponement. Changes are rarely easy to implement as it affects many including some of the small businesses in the area who look forward to the races for a boost and an end to winter blahs.

Perhaps the races will usher in some good spring weather for a change. I think we all deserve it.
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